Sankat Mochan Shabads – 1 of 108 [Naukri vich taraaki]

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Book:Sankat mochan shabads, Dukh bhanjan gutka, 108 shabadan waala .

Author: Giani Pratap Singh Ji     Publisher: Bhai Boota Singh ji, Pratap Singh Ji, Amritsar


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19 Responses to “Sankat Mochan Shabads – 1 of 108 [Naukri vich taraaki]”

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can you give link where i can find all sankat mochan shabads written in punjabi and english as above

I created the image (shabad) which you saw on our blog and used the hard copy of the Sankat Mochan Shabads book. I am planning to create more but if you need shabad for any specific reason send me an email on

Its a great help that you are sharing this with everyone. For some people it might just turn their lives. My Husband had left us(me, my son 1.5 year old and one to be born) Its been several times before he did that but this time he seems to be never coming back. Its his family that wants him to leave me and marry his bhabi who recently widowed as she has alot of land. They believe in black magic and goes to different people for totke n stuff. I am helpless with no parents and no friends, no job, no money to support my kids. On top of that my husband has declared me crazy and shameless in front of everyone when i tried to talk to him. Our fights in past happened for no reason at all. Please email me a shabad that could help me and my kids and get us back together and never part in future. Whatever is wrong in our relationship is surely affecting my kids and if it doesn’t cure faster then soon enough I’d be on roads. Please help.

Sorry, I am not in a position to comment. May Guru ji bless you.

I would like to receive images of all the sankat mochan shabad’s like above. Please send me a link to download or email me if that is feasible. I would truely appreciate it. May god bless you.


I am in the process of getting more Shabads in electronic form and would contact you once I have them ready. Let me know if you want me to post something else which you think may help saadh sangat.

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sat shri akal ji can i get shabad to get married soon and get good husband

As per my little knowledge of Gurbani do Shri Japji Sahib paath everyday and recite the shabad
” Itcha purakh sarab sukh data har ,jaake vas hai kaam dhena……..”.

Best of luck


i want to ask something to you…so please tell me your email id.

I think there are a whole variety of Sankat Mochan shabad booklets in the market. My mother in law has two of them written by different authors. I was looking for a shabad which relates to success in examination but could not find it. could you please email me that shabad. I shall be very grateful to you.

Where can i get snakat mochan shabad book

Hi, could you delete the above comment by Inderpreet Judge….somebody could get in deep trouble if its shown like this in public….thnx

sat sri akal,
i have come to know theimporatnce of this gurbani from a friend of mine.
please let me know is there any shabad for marriage ..
i try and do japji sahab every morning.
please enlighten me .

You can find some shabad in “sankak mochak shabad from gurbani”
to get all ur wishes fulfilled and bring happiness

plz mail me all sankat mochan…..

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